Whether you are a large franchise auto dealer or the local auto repair, we understand the challenges of your industry.  Our products and insight help you identify and protect against potential business disruptions.  Our Automotive program includes General Liability, Garage Keepers Liability, Errors and Omissions, Property/ Equipment Breakdown, EPLI, and Umbrella/ Excess Liability.  In addition, we have access to several Exclusive Programs for your Workers’ Compensation insurance needs.


Completing quality projects, on time, in a highly competitive environment, is a daunting challenge. Add in the additional hurdle of finding qualified labor, in a tight job market, and the path to success narrows. Protecting your employees, your project, and your assets from risk should not compound the challenge. By engaging an ASURA Risk Construction specialist, you will engage an experienced professional who reads the ‘fine print’ in each policy, and understands the endorsements and exclusions that can dictate the outcome when a claim occurs. From the largest Owner or Contractor Controlled Insurance Policy (OCIP) to a portable tools floater, trust ASURA Risk to be sure your balance sheet is protected.

Financial Institutions

Whether you are Fortune 500 bank or a local community credit union, we have the products and services to meet your insurance needs. We recognize that all FI companies have a different tolerance for risk and that is why we will engage with you to determine a structure that fits your business. Financial Institutions have various need and coverage requirements. Our program includes the General Liability, Management Liability, Property, FI Bond, Cyber, Umbrella, EPLI, and Auto. ASURA Risk is dedicated to providing customized, comprehensive, and outstanding customer service to Financial Institutions of all sizes.


From K-8, and High School, to Private Colleges and Universities, ASURA Risk will craft a risk and insurance program to meet your specific needs and reduce your net cost of risk.  Reducing risk is the key to an efficient insurance program for educators.   In addition to protection against basic exposures such as premises liability, property loss, Educators E&O, and Employment Practices liability, there are risks that are unique to educational institutions.   Abuse and molestation, tuition reimbursement, cyber liability, and coverage for employed counselors, accountants, as well as interns, are part of our comprehensive program.   ASURA will perform a ‘Risk Assessment’ and review with you our ‘findings’.

Food and Retail

Our program has coverage for everything from the transportation of products to managing product recall.  Ask us about a risk assessment to determine if you have the correct limits and deductibles for your exposure.  We will help you identify the exposures, make the recommendations, assist with the implementation and then monitor the program.  Our Food and Beverage program includes General Liability, Property, Product Liability, Product Recall, Equipment Breakdown, Umbrella, and EPLI.  We also use a third party to assist with determining the correct limits for your business income/ extra expense.

Metal Industry

ASURA offers an exclusive program designed for metal related operations, including machining, sheet metal, tool and die, and other operations.  Our program is exclusive to ASURA in Northern California and is endorsed by the NTMA.  Let us review your current program and provide enhanced coverages at rates that will help you compete more effectively.

Real Estate

Proper Risk Management and Commercial Insurance placement for Real Estate owners requires knowledge and experience.  The coverages are surprisingly complex for commercial building and multi-tenant properties.  Unique endorsements cover lurking exposures which are frequently excluded on standard policies.  Careful reading of the coverage forms will help to protect owners against loss due to ‘building ordinance,’ off site electrical power outage or surge, sewer back up and inundation, environmental contamination, and other perils.  Trust ASURA to protect your property.


ASURA Risk provides a tailored insurance solution to protect technology firms of all sizes.  We understand that no two technology companies have the same exposures. The technology industry changes at a fast pace and understanding the hidden risk of a running a technology firm is important when deciding what insurance coverages you need.  Utilizing our ASURA Track process, we will help you identify the exposures, make the recommendations, assist with the implementation and then monitor the program.  Our Technology program includes General Liability, Property, Tech E&O, Media Liability, Information Security, Umbrella, and EPLI.


ASURA Transport™ is dedicated to protecting and insuring the trucking, transport, and logistics industries the right way.   After proper risk analysis, coverages such as Motor Truck Liability, Cargo, and General Liability, can provide the backbone of a risk management program that effectively protects against human, property, and liability loss.   Unfortunately we find many insurance programs are not properly structured, leaving transportation companies exposed to coverage gaps, and unnecessarily high premiums.   Let ASURA Risk help you mitigate and eliminate your most significant exposures in a cost effective program.

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