Experienced consultants will help guide the strategic decisions you make in implementing your benefits plans.

ASURA Risk will analyze your current program to be sure it is both cost effective, and provides the type of quality benefits that help attract great employees. In many cases companies implement benefit plans that have been in place without significant modification for years. A thorough review can uncover opportunities to change both plan design and funding options. Keeping your employees healthy and happy can be accomplished without compromising your annual budget.

In consulting with our clients, we conduct a comprehensive assessment of your existing employee benefits program to:

• Identify areas of potential improvement and cost savings

• Identify areas where you can better drive employee behavior

• Validate your plan’s performance to ensure you are paying appropriately for value

• Identify alternative plan designs and funding options

Why ASURA Risk’s Benefits Consulting Services?

Competition for talent is fierce today, and attracting and retaining talent will be more difficult as employees become more scarce and wages continue rising.  Studies have shown that pay and benefits go hand in hand for employees looking to take on new positions. They value a strong benefits package almost as much as they do pay rates. 

You are in good hands with ASURA Risk handling your benefits consulting and providing you with services that are aimed at helping your organization succeed.  ASURA Risk’s benefits consultants have years of experience in helping our clients get the most out of their employee benefits. 

As part of our consulting offerings, ASURA Risk takes the time to help your employees understand the full menu of benefits options that are available to them. ASURA wants to be sure that each employee has a benefits plan that meets his or her health needs and won’t bankrupt them if they get sick. 

ASURA Risk also takes the headache and confusion out of designing a benefits plan. We will work with your key personnel to support your employee benefits initiatives including:

• Planning

• Implementation

• Ongoing support

ASURA Risk Benefits Consulting Services

ASURA Risk’s experienced and professional benefits consultants will work with you to create a cost effective strategy.  We offer a full suite of consulting services, including:

• Plan analysis and comparisons

• Benchmarking and Predictive Modeling

• Benefits administration technology

• Open-enrollment communication customized for your organization

• Cobra administration

• Flexible spending accounts


HR and Compliance

Our team of professionals will consult with your HR team on organizational development, compliance, payroll issues and more.

ASURA Risk’s benefit team includes certified human resources consultants, who can review your current HR structure and help you improve and streamline it. Our team of professionals can consult with your HR team on organizational development, compliance, payroll issues and more.

ASURA Risk’s Human Resources team can provide a full slate of services that will ensure that your HR department runs like a well-oiled machine. This includes: 

• Our Human Resources library containing forms, guidance, regulations and more

• Full Compliance Services including Affordable Care Act regulations

• 5500 filing assistance

• HR consulting seminars, webinars, workshops and news alerts

• Subscription to the ASURA Quarterly Newsletter

• HRIS and benefits administration evaluations

• Compliance assistance with all HR-related laws and regulations including:  COBRA, POP, ERISA, FMLA, HIPPA, VETS-100, VETS-4212

Access to ThinkHR™

Asura Risk has partnered with Think HR to bring you the best in Human Resource administration assistance.  Ideal for organizations with limited resources to devote to HR administration, ThinkHR™ functions as a virtual HR department helping to cost effectively handle the demands of HR administration.

ASURA Risk offers this award-winning service at no additional cost to our clients. ThinkHR’s suite of services includes keeping you up to date on HR-related news, developments, regulatory and legal issues. 

As new regulations are developed and enacted, you’ll be the first to know, staying well ahead of the curve with regard to compliance matters.  If you need assistance, our team stands ready to assist you. The suite also includes educational webinars on demand, training courses, handbooks and more. 

HR Compliance Assistance

The number of state and federal regulations governing the spectrum of HR issues can be overwhelming. Our expert team has the in-depth knowledge and experience to help you navigate these shifting regulatory sands. You’ll have at your fingertips: 

• Our vast library of HR-related publications

• Human resources briefs and white papers

• Tools for compliance-related documentation

• Updates on compliance changes

• Job-description builders

• Performance review tools

• Salary benchmarking

• News alerts on legal developments, new regulations and laws and other risks

• Analysis by trained HR professionals

• Access to HR-related forms, templates, tools

• Training courses that cover some of the largest HR-related risks, including:

 1. Sexual harassment in the workplace

 2. Discrimination against protected classes

3. OSHA regulations and new rule-making

4. Workplace safety

5. Employee health

6. Wellness

Employee advocacy

Providing your invaluable employees with the best options available to meet their specific needs.

While ASURA helps you to implement quality benefits plans with cost, structure and funding in mind, we also play a critical role in supporting and assisting your employees.  The benefits world can be daunting and complex for employees that are not familiar with the various options and terminology. On top of the lack of familiarity, many employees only engage in the benefits landscape sporadically, sometimes just once a year at open enrollment time.  So it is critical for employers to make the enrollment and benefits process in general as low stress and simple as possible. ASURA will help you meet these employee needs during the course of the policy year.

Open Communication

Service is a philosophy that permeates ASURA Risk, and service at its core is person to person.  We take pride in answering questions for every employee that needs assistance. Our dedicated service team is available to help with:

  • Questions about claims
  • Explanation of benefits
  • Access to Wellness programs
  • Access to health professionals
  • Questions about networks or provider

In addition electronic information sources are available 24/7 to educate and allow employees access to critical benefit related materials.  

Benefits of Offering a Wellness Program

The consensus of various studies, seems to indicate that Wellness programs benefit the employee’s health and in turn provide the employer with a boost to both office morale, and productivity.  Some employees are more receptive to wellness programs, and supporting those who are enthusiastic, as well as those who are resistant, or need more information, is part of our value added service.  Improving diet, increasing exercise, and moderating or eliminating bad habits are ways to significantly improve overall health and wellbeing for employees. We take pride in assisting as a company and its employees as it moves towards a more positive health profile.      

A Gallup study suggests that obesity, hypertension, diabetes, asthma, and depression result in workforce absenteeism that costs $153 billion in lost productivity for U.S. businesses annually. And a study by the Society for Human Resources Management found that poor nutrition, smoking and sedentary lifestyles add an extra $650 to $1400 in excess annual medical costs for high-risk adults.


Utilizing the most current systems and delivery techniques to make your plan as efficient and employee friendly as possible.

Benefits technology shows great promise in reducing costs, improving outcomes and making it easier to comply with the myriad of new regulations. ASURA Risk’s benefits consultants are well versed in the latest technology aimed at helping you manage your benefits administration efficiently.  

ASURA Risk offers a palate of cost-effective technology solutions that can save you both time, resources and expenses, including:

  • Simplified benefits management
  • Carrier feeds
  • Auditing systems
  • Employee and manager service
ASURA Risk’s relationships with proven technology providers allow us to provide you with solutions tailored specifically for your organization based on your needs. We will work with you to identify which technologies would benefit your organization and employees the most as well as the parts of your HR operations that can most benefit from implementing these systems.  Even if you already have technology solutions in place, we can work with you to help streamline the administrative burden. 

Our expert benefits consultants will assist with:

  • Designing a technology solution for your organization.
  • Implementation of new technologies.
  • Testing and ongoing review after implementation. 

Does Your Organization Need Benefits Technology?

For most businesses the biggest concern about taking on new technologies is the cost and the complexity of implementing it into your existing network. Fortunately, with many of the solutions on the market today, you don’t have to go all in and buy a suite of products. 

You can instead go through an outside benefits administrator like ASURA Risk, so you don’t have to purchase the technology outright. And often the prices are reasonable and result in efficiencies and cost savings for you. You are an ideal candidate for benefits solutions technologies if you need tools that can help your organization:

  • Reduce reporting errors and improve regulatory compliance
  • Reduce or contain administrative costs
  • Do payouts more efficiently

ASURA’s Benefits Technology solutions will work with you to ensure a smooth transition and implementation. 

The Menu

Some of the technologies that ASURA can help you implement include:

  • Online benefits enrollment
  • HRIS
  • HR, Benefits, Payroll (standalone or integrated)
  • Decision support technology
  • Time and attendance
  • Employee self-service (mobile and web)

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