Risk Management Consulting

Quality Risk Management Consultiing begins with a broad assessment of all the potential exposures a firm faces. The value of this broad approach cannot be underestimated. When the assessment of a firms exposures is conducted with a mindset that is focused entirely on commercial insurance solutions, the consultant can miss the mark. Our process provides you with a . . .

Precise Roadmap to Obtain Optimal Risk Prevention Solutions.

Identification and Analysis

Your decisions to avoid, prevent, reduce or tolerate potential losses are difficult ones. ASURA Risk uses a variety of resources and skills to help you make these decisions and to aggressively control the cost of doing business in your uncertain environment. Your team will be selected from a diverse group of professionals, including CPAs, attorneys, human resource consultants, MBAs, Associates in Risk Management (ARM), Certified Insurance Counselors (CIC), Chartered Property Casualty Underwriters (CPCU) and Certified Safety and Claim Consultants. We will:

• Analyze your exposures

• Suggest the best means to control

• Provide alternatives to help you insure, retain and finance

Finally, a very specific service plan will be developed with your input and implemented, enabling you to maintain control, exploit opportunities and avoid surprises .

Risk Control

Beginning with a professional assessment of your organization we identity the areas of greatest risk and then work in partnership with you to create a plan of action including policies, procedures, education and training, al/designed to reduce your exposure to risk. Our services entail both pre and post loss techniques. We will tailor a program to address all of your needs.

 • Safety Programs

• Training

• Ergonomics

• Emergency Response Training

• Disaster Recovery

• Compliance with local, state & federal regulations

• Merger & Acquisition Analysis

• Employment Related Liability


Risk Financing may include the use of insurance products. After a thorough risk management assessment, we’ll help you decide what types of insurance you’ll need and just how much. ASURA Brokers probes the worldwide insurance marketplace to offer our clients the best insurers, coverage and pricing alternatives available. In fact, we have access directly or through our network, to every major insurance carrier. We specialize in meeting the needs of a vast array of industry segments including governmental, private and public organizations of all sizes and in any region of the world.