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Protecting client assets with a broad range of Risk Management Strategies.
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To Evaluate the Effectiveness of Commercial Insurance plans, ASURA considers three critical components:


We closely monitor policy forms and endorsements frequently comparing options among the carriers. We find that many insurance brokers are not familiar with the ‘fine print’ within each policy. At ASURA we believe ‘Your Destiny is in the Details!’ The attention, or lack of attention, paid to coverage details, will determine the outcome when a claim is reported. Let ASURA show you how attention to detail can bring you peace of mind.


At ASURA, Service is a philosophy. We believe in serving our communities, our friends, our families, and our clients. We also hold commercial insurance carriers accountable for the services they provide. Each year we survey our clients asking for feedback about the services they receive. In this way we can benchmark and improve. Providing and demanding prompt, responsive, energetic service to our clients, every time, supports their success.

Net Cost

Net Cost of Risk is measured by incorporating premiums, deductibles, administrative costs, and self insured exposure. In order to improve, and find success, we must define and measure outcomes. Therefore we benchmark ‘net cost of risk’ results for our clients comparing both ‘year over year,’ and against industry standards. These exhibits help clients see progress on the path to long term cost savings, and the benefit of our risk management programs.


Providing attractive and competitive plans for every sized employer:


Experienced consultants will help guide the strategic decisions you make in implementing your benefits plans.

HR & Compliance

Our team of professionals will consult with your HR team on organizational development, compliance, payroll issues and more.

Employee Advocacy

Providing your invaluable employees with the best options available to meet their specific needs.


Utilizing the most current systems and delivery techniques to make your plan as efficient and employee friendly as possible.


Understanding your business, Identifying and Analyzing your Risk Exposures, and Creating a Custom Plan
The value we bring to ASURA clients stems from our belief and commitment to sound risk management practices.  This approach distinguishes our work from many of our competitors.  Once a client understands the value of our approach, we have a life long relationship.  Risk Management brings embedded long term cost reduction, and impacts morale, health, safety and profitability for our clients.

Get on Track

Our proprietary system is simple, but effective.  The components impact hiring, employee training, safety culture and claims management.  Once in place, you are on track!  ASURA Track™.  The system reduces the claims costs, and lowers workers’ compensation premiums.


ASURA Risk provides expertise and exclusive access to products in several industries.

Automotive/ Dealership


Financial Institutions


Food & Retail

Metal Industry

Real Estate



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